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Sunshine Schnauzers has been breeding Miniature Schnauzers and no other breed or size for well past 30 years! During those years we have been constantly improving our lines to achieve the best Health, Temperament and the standards according to the AKC description. I do not have a kennel here, my kids and babies (when we have them) live in the house and are my pets first. Sunshine has never bred more than 4 litters in a year as we do not keep breeding our females year after year until sickness or death. You can go to the "Available Pups" page page to find out when we will breed our next litter, it will be a lot of champions in the pedigrees too. Our pups always have the mother and father with nice champion pedigrees not only one side but both parents have nice champion pedigrees and others in the pedigree that are excellent but might have not been shown. Usually they will be bred a few times and then they get to be placed in a wonderful home and be the princess and receive all the loving. In order for me to breed my females they must be in great health and approved by my vet and be happy and healthy! They deserve better than to be constantly bred trying to profit at the cost of their health and happiness! Our puppies will always have great champion pedigrees to try and ensure their wonderful health and a long life for their new best friends and families! We only breed the colors of Black, Salt & Pepper and Black and Silver. We have had 2 surprise litters from mother nature where we had parti and chocolate and whites. I will try and have at least 4 litters in 2013 since I have found some great females in early 2012 to fit our program. Sunshine only had 2 litters in 2012. I have selected some new females with nice healthy champion lines who will help us bring you more pups in 2013 as not to disappoint so many wonderful Schnauzer Lovers because we don't have pups available. Since I have help now, we will do our best to bring you more wonderful Schnauzer babies! Barbie was bred in September and had Christmas puppies, then retired after her 3rd litter to a wonderful home with Mitch. My love for the Miniature Schnauzer will ensure you a wonderful long term companion. I am retired so my entire life 24/7 is dedicated to my babies and adults! If you can't sign the guest book please "read" it! Your love of the breed and time visiting all of us here at Sunshine is so appreciated. Sunshine Schnauzers always reserves the right to adopt pups or not adopt pups to any individuals as they feel best for the puppy. NOTICE: WE DO NOT SELL PAID ADVERTISING, IF I ADVERTISE SOMEONE'S BUSINESS ON HERE IT IS BECAUSE I USE THEM AND I FEEL THEY ARE THE BEST AND FAIR! NOBODY PAYS TO ADVERTISE ON THIS SITE! THEY EARN IT!. AT TIMES WE HAVE AN ADULT THAT WE WILL RE-HOME, INTERESTED WATCH THE ADULT2ADOPT PAGE. 2014 Has started out to be a great year. And I have planned out my breedings this year. Twinkle has already given birth to a beautiful litter of 5 babies on 2/19/2014. You can see them on "Twinkle's Babies" page from the home page. Always look at our "Available/Future Puppies" page for so much information and information on past litters in 2013-14. Star who is grand sired by "CH Richlene's Black Tie Affair" was bred to my "Champion Tinker Tailor" had her babies 5/19/14 and had all blacks, she will always have all black babies. Together Star & Tailor have over 160 champions in their combined pedigree. The next breeding will be with Zenyatta who had her babies 9/2/14.. Alex is not bred in 2014 and Rou will be due 9/23/14. Bu the rest will bred in 2014. At Sunshine Schnauzers I am keeping back my own females as I know their great pedigrees and wonderful health history. As of now this is the plan for 2014, but things could change. I have 4 wonderful studs and this is why I can hold my own girls back to continue my wonderful breeding program of health and happiness. Come along with us during this 2014 and if your thinking of a new baby, you should definitely give Sunshine a big look! I have the pups and your best interest at heart always! Please remember to read our "Available/Future Puppies" page from the home page to get all the information and past litter info. So many have blessed me over the years and even though I don't get to talk or communicate with them has much as I would like, I never forget the great homes and love they give to my babies. I am eternally grateful and take nothing for granted! Also, reading the "Available/Future Puppies page will give you a idea of what adoption fees usually are. Most the time my black and silver are higher fees, then blacks and then salt/peppers are usually the least fees. However females are usually more in each color than the male. If you see the word program and it is highlighted it is a hacker promoting somehow but it is actually poison. Any word in these 2 columns that bring up a product is actually poison so beware and ignore those or any advertising that I don't sign off on.

Jim Peterson